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Letters to the editor, July 18

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When will Trump pay price?

Those who voted for Trump are good people. Even those who attack the other side with "Democrap" and "Libtard" are good people. They believe in country, honesty, loyalty and a man's word is his bond. They are fiercely loyal to their cause and firmly believe what they are doing is right. The changing world has, for the most part, left them behind with loss of jobs, migration to the cities, and a shrinking world full of people who don't look or think like them. None of these things detract from the fact they are good people.

I wonder why, given that strong loyalty and sense of honor, they still stick with a man who has lied to them from the start? He was to help them get jobs; that has not happened. He was supposed to make healthcare affordable; that has not happened. He was supposed to "Make America Great Again," and all he has done is isolate the U.S. He was supposed to be honest with the people who elected him, but he joined forces with our worst enemy against the very system that made America great in the first place.

At what point will these good people (and I really believe they are good people) decide they have been duped and turn away?

If their neighbor had lied to them, the neighbor would have paid a price. At what point will Trump pay a price for disloyalty to those he gave his promise?

William Reed, Denton