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Letters to the editor: July 19

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Fear for our nation

I continue to be amazed and confused with the actions of some Republicans. These supposed stalwarts of democracy who fly an American flag in their yard are now supporting a president accused of collusion with a foreign enemy and whose inner circle is accused of treason.

Whose flag will they fly now?

Not only do we have to endure the humiliation of a president who acts like a spoiled 6-year-old child, we have his administrators methodically dismantling every socially beneficial program in our government.

Now our democracy is being eaten from the inside while our nation is being betrayed on the outside.

All civilizations have their times of great power. The Greeks had 350 years, the Holy Roman Empire had 844 years, the Ottomans had 600 years and the Byzantines had 874 years. Most fell as the result of corruption within.

I would hate to see the U.S. discard its founding principles due to incompetence and self-destructive nationalistic isolationism after 241 years of growing to be the stalwart of international democracy.

So, Republicans elected a bigoted, misogynistic, narcissistic and corrupt collaborator lacking in moral turpitude as president instead of Hillary Clinton. They got their wish.

Now the rest of us must pay the price. I do not hate Trump. I pity him. Hatred destroys its possessor. What I have is fear for our nation and future.

John T. Weber,  Denton