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Letters to the editor, July 21

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Age discrimination

In my opinion, the recent article [June 29] by your reporter Julian Gill regarding "ROAD AGE" was somewhat insulting to so-called "senior citizens."

Since I constitute part of the population known as seniors, or elderly, I take exception to the inference that all senior drivers are incompetent drivers.

I am a much better driver than I was in my twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and certainly in my teens. It is a known fact that the frontal lobe of the brain having to do with making sound judgment decisions does not mature until as late as 23 for males and around 20 for females.

One can't help wondering if included in the total elderly killed or injured in automobile accidents was the Texas Hill Country accident killing 13 elderly people by a 20-year-old driver who was intoxicated and admitted to texting.

Far too often we hear reports about youthful drivers involved in fatal accidents. I recall the Christmas accident recently on I-35W in which a woman and her child were killed by a 20-something who admitted to using his phone to Skype while driving.

Likewise, what about the so-called "affluenza teen" who was driving drunk and killed several people?

What we seniors do know is if we are involved in auto accident, it will be our fault because we will be discriminated against because of our age. And if some of you reading this letter are in your 40s, remember that those in their teens, twenties and thirties think you are elderly.

Carol Atkins,