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Letters to the editor, July 24

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Taste licensing freedom

The Texas Legislature, before adjourning, didn't reauthorize the Texas Medical Board, which licenses doctors.

The TMB will go out of business by our sunset law the way things currently are, and there would be no licensing of doctors.

We can expect to hear that terrible things threaten us, but I wish we could taste occupational licensing freedom for a while! There are state licenses for possibly 30 percent of us, from M.D. to hair shampooer assistant.

I prefer a libertarian approach, with anyone free to offer any kind of service, and the consumer having to "vet" providers, which we must do already. For example, anyone stupid enough to let me perform brain surgery on them deserves to die.

Freedom from state occupational licensing will allow many more persons to provide service, and drive prices down. This country is unable to support its health care and other professionals at the income level they expect.

We are overbuilt and overpriced; something has to change.

Collapse of prices will hurt many who have invested time and money, and have also incurred debt to get in a position to collect high income.

State-run occupational licensing always raises prices, always leaves part of the public unserved and the protection of public health and safety is always uncertain, often nonexistent!

Ross Melton Jr.,

Clinging nervously

The author of "Psychoanalyze yourself" [DRC, July 9] says, "Liberal Democrats will never understand why the rest of America voted for Donald Trump." I am amazed that there are almost 66 million liberal Democrats in America.

Perhaps there is hope for this country yet.

Almost daily we are faced with a new horror from the Trump administration. Now it is Trump Jr. admitting to collusion with the Russians.

With each revelation, Trump's base is slowly fading away. The independents, the Libertarians, the Greens and the moderate Republicans are slowly slipping away, leaving the ignorant, the bigots and the white supremacists clinging nervously to their champion.

If the election were held today, Clinton would probably win every state and top out around 100 million votes. If Bernie Sanders had run, he probably would have won handily in November.

Surprisingly, as each new bomb falls from the White House, the residue left of his base will continue their shrill refrain, "It's fake news, Obama did it and Bill Clinton is a sexual predator." As Donald Trump would tweet, "It is sad. It is very, very sad."

Bob James,

Fiasco of fraud

Isn't it high time our city government comes clean on the covert operations of the DME monopoly? "How to Fleece the Denton Public 101" is absolutely the most heinous, conspiratorial government act I've seen since returning to this burg nearly five years ago.

Fat-cat employees pocketing six-figure salaries, lying through their teeth about supporting renewable energy, all while spending $265 million on 12 fracked gas-fired electric generators that will belch even more pollutants into the already lousy air we have to breathe.

Get real, folks. Denton unique and independent? Yeah, unique in that our city government can condone DME's actions and call it progress.

Dentonites are still being used like pawns by Big Gas and Oil. We already know Big Gas and Oil own Texas through graft and corruption.

I've seen some pretty fancy sleeve jobs in my lifetime but this one is so blatant that it just makes my stomach turn.

Your electric bills will skyrocket to pay the $265 million. Mark my words on that.

I say shut the sordid thing down and force DME to make good on their renewable energy policy by embracing solar and wind instead of gas-fired, air-polluting electricity generators.

Denton Energy Center is a fiasco of fraud and deceit.

J. Aaron Cundall,

Takes ethics reform seriously

The good news is that Denton citizens should soon have a new ethics ordinance on the books after living in an ethical sewer for the past decade at City Hall.

Even with a new ordinance in place, and respected city manager on duty, it will take years for the stench to clear at 215 E. McKinney St.

The bad news is that citizens may still be deprived of a critical part of ethics reform available in other cities.

There's pushback coming from our mayor and city manager on the subject of an independent ethics review board, or ERB.

Author and renowned ethicist Robert Wechsler predicts inevitable pushback anytime citizens challenge public officials for a seat at the ethical table -- otherwise known as the ERB.

City Manager Hileman is correct. There is no "silver bullet" regarding city ethics. But the matter is more complex than simply passing an ethics ordinance and expecting real change in an ethical environment.

The ERB is as much about education, training and preventing ethical snags as it is about enforcement or penalties. Both charter review committee and current City Council members have been sadly misinformed on this subject and I hope our mayor and city manager realize this.

Whether an ERB is mandated by charter or included under a new ordinance is academic. The important thing is the message sent to Denton citizens is that this council finally takes ethics reform seriously.

Contact our mayor and council members. Tell them to say, "Yes to the ERB."

David Zoltner,