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Letters to the editor, July 25

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Whose responsibility?

In a recent interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Congressman Michael Burgess asserted that people have a "responsibility to have the provisions to take care of their health and their family's health."

Provided the job market creates jobs with a livable wage for all people, I can agree with this statement.

But whose responsibility is it to ensure that job creators keep good-paying jobs in this country?

Whose responsibility is it, Dr. Burgess, for the out-of-control cost of health care? Are people who want to purchase health insurance responsible for being rejected by health insurance companies due to pre-existing conditions?

Are we responsible for losing our benefits when companies no longer choose to provide health care coverage as part of their employment package and fail to pay a livable wage that allows them to buy essential health care coverage?

It's easy for people who have been fortunate financially to criticize others who lack the means to provide for their family's health care. If only we lived in a world where a level playing field existed for each and every one of us.

Dr. Burgess has a responsibility also to see that the system is not stacked against most of his constituents.

Where it is, he should be willing to change that system so people can do what he thinks they should do.

Larry Beck, Denton