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Letters to the editor, July 28

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Looking down noses

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was considered the best Democratic Party president ever. With his "New Deal," he was given credit for bringing the United States out of the Great Depression.

The new Democratic Party has a new slogan. It is "A Better Deal."

Are Schumer and Pelosi putting themselves above what FDR had in his New Deal? I think their arrogance and ignorance have them looking down their noses -- especially Schumer -- at any democratic political program since FDR! This includes President Kennedy. Wow!

Conservative Republicans have to get together and make sure that Schumer and Pelosi don't get control of the House and the Senate. That would take us back to the eight years of failure by Obama.

The "Better Deal" will come off the bottom of the deck! The only thing positive with Democratic wins will be we won't have to listen to the "Lying Media" anymore.

James Penton,