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Letters to the editor, August 4

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End school uniforms

Schools should not require students to wear uniforms. First, uniforms are too expensive. Regular school clothes are $10. Uniforms cost $30.

And if the uniforms get damaged during activities such as physical education or recess, there goes $30 down the drain.

Secondly, uniforms have dull and ugly colors, which make students not want to wear them. These are not nice colors, such as pink and neon green.

Thirdly, uniforms don't reveal who you are. For instance, if someone does something wrong and people can only see the back of him or her, no one will know who did the misdeed because all the students are wearing the same outfit.

Students who get to wear their own clothes perform better at school than students who have to wear uniforms, because personal clothes are comfortable and make students happy.

Trisha Vellanki,
Flower Mound