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Letters to the editor, Aug. 12

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Make informed decision

I attended U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess' Aug. 3 town hall meeting and came away with the following conclusions:

Dr. Burgess, while not personally being comfortable meeting with a foreign adversary to obtain opposition research on an opponent sees nothing wrong with the Trump campaign doing so in the 2016 campaign.

The representative has a limited view of equality under the law. He sees nothing wrong with most, but not all citizens of the United States enjoying this protection.

Burgess appears to be satisfied with the quality of air in North Texas. He considers additional efforts to clear the air unnecessary.

He also sees no benefit in participating in a bi-partisan effort to explore increasing fuel efficiency in automobiles.

Burgess seems unaware of the economic challenges faced by many of his constituents.

He seemed genuinely perplexed by the comments made by a veteran teacher concerning the teacher's worry about the future of his child.

The congressman was tepid to the suggestion from a constituent that it would be important to investigate the costs of medical care and determine ways to control or even reduce these expenses.

Denton County has some 464,000 registered voters.

I hope that the conclusions will persuade more of them to consider the issues facing us and make an informed decision as to who might best represent the citizens of the north central Texas area.

Ron Fannin,