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Letters to the editor, August 11

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First-hand experience

Recently, Reid Ferring authored a guest column about the affect Russian foreign policy has on the citizens of Georgia of the former Soviet Union.

His assessment of Vladimir Putin's heavy-handed dictator-styled governing was well written, insightful and offered a peek into how he has penetrated the governmental level and affected those citizens who must live with his apparent desire to recapture and rebuild those former Soviet states.

This has disturbing implications for all countries, not just Eastern Europe and southern Asia. A letter to the editor in Saturday's DRC questioned Reid's credibility, asking what does a professor of geography and environment really know about foreign policy?

Dr. Ferring's first-hand experiences, garnered over an extended number of years of living and working among the citizens of Georgia, is far more credible and poignant than most accounts we hear from career politicians whose experiences are primarily limited to short-term, highly orchestrated junkets.

Diplomacy, lack of diplomacy, policy, implementation and dictatorship really do affect people, not just governments. Narcissistic, dictatorial-style governing must continue to be exposed by those living with the results. Thanks to Dr. Ferring for reminding us of that.

Dennis Fisher,