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Letters to the editor, August 14

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Uniform positives

I raised two daughters as a single mom. They started out in a Catholic school, which required uniforms. When I first shopped for uniforms, I was shocked at the cost. But I had no choice. As time went on, I appreciated the ease of not having any arguments over what to wear to school each day.

We moved to a new district and the girls went into public school. There were no uniform requirements. The peer pressure is unreal. You cannot send your child to school in cheap or hand-me-down clothes.

They don't have to be the best and most expensive, but they cannot be the cheapest. We did not buy a lot, but my daughters did not look shabby. I shopped for the sales, but it was tough on a limited income.

I wished for the days of the uniforms. No dramas about what to wear. Just get dressed and go to school to learn. No one was worried about who was wearing what and what they looked like. They all looked the same. Less pressure.

Sunny Hinojos,

Fight voter suppression

President Trump's obsession with his 3-million-vote loss in the 2016 popular vote has compelled him to create a voter-fraud commission. His claim that there were millions of illegal votes cast is based on zero evidence.

Academic studies repeatedly show that election fraud is exceedingly rare. American voters are more likely to be struck by lightning than commit voter fraud.

The real goal of this commission is the suppression of voters, such as poor minorities, who tend to vote for Democrats. The commission's approach will likely yield large numbers of voters flagged for fraud who did nothing wrong.

A Stanford study shows that such an approach could stop 200 votes for every double vote it prevents.

The commission's biased results could be used to purge voters or pare back ballot access. If we want to preserve our democracy, we need to fight back against voter suppression.

Bob Michaelsen,