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Letters to the editor, August 15

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Accept the facts

I attended Burgess' town hall in The Colony. I sat across the aisle from a gentleman who could easily be called a conservative. He leaned over and asked me (it really was just more a statement) "Why don't they investigate Hillary's emails?"

Here (as accurately as I recall) is the conversation:

Him: "Why don't they investigate Hillary's emails?"

Me: "Didn't they have a lot of meetings about that when she was in office?"

Him: "Why don't they investigate Hillary's emails?"

Me: "Did she have any meetings about that?"

Him: "They need to investigate Hillary's emails!"

Me: "Well, didn't they have any investigations or meetings about that before?"

Him: "Some."

Me: "Just some? I thought they lasted for hours."

Burgess started responding to questions from the audience and that ended our conversation. It really amounted to no discussion at all.

After numerous investigations and millions spent, this gentleman very reluctantly acknowledged that those things happened at all.

If we are ever to get on the same page, both parties must accept the facts and remove the emotional issues. Sadly, that did not happen in this case.

William Reed,