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Letters to the editor, August 16

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Sad commentary

Never in my life could I have ever imagined our nation would be in such turmoil about who gets to use what bathroom. But since that's where we are now, I am offering a feasible solution.

Why not have a men's restroom, a women's restroom and an LGBTQIA ... XYZ restroom?

I can't keep up with this ever- growing acronym, so I hope I covered everyone. Anyway, the XYZ is for whatever this group of people decide they feel like or identify with that particular day.

Problem solved.

Oh, but wait, that solution won't work for the LGBTQIAXYZ community because they would rather impose their agenda on the majority of us who are at peace with God's perfect creation of man and woman.

Plain. Simple. Period.

And, for those of you who don't think it's any big deal for men to use the women's restroom, I wonder if it would become a big deal when some pervert decides he identifies with being a woman and assaults your child, your wife or your mother while using the restroom of his/her choice?

Anybody can play dress up and claim to be something else.

The bathroom bill is nothing more than bathroom chaos fueled by a twisted and confused minority. What a sad commentary on our society.

Amy Poskey,

Personal puppet

Robert Jeffress, Ralph Reed, James Dobson, the Grahams, the Falwells and others have departed from their Christian faiths, if they were ever Christian to begin with.

Instead of following the teachings of Jesus as found in the Bible, they treat the Bible as a personal puppet, making it say whatever they wish.

They love money and they lust after political power; they serve those with both money and power.

Enticed by Donald Trump, they covenanted with him to deliver evangelical voters in exchange for political power and favors, and government money.

They delivered; Trump delivered.

When these false religious leaders speak glowingly of Trump, they reference his keeping his part of the political bargain, which he does similar to those corporate or foreign powers favorable to him.

They ignore his lack of Christian values, which they also lack, and they ignore his failure to provide moral and ethical leadership.

By following false leaders, the members of these churches have placed their eternal salvation at risk; if they had been the chosen, they would not have been deceived.

As for the idea that the election of Donald Trump was God's choice; this is false. God's chosen people, Israel, did not elect a single king after King Solomon, who pleased God. Ultimately, they, along with Judah, who had some good kings, were defeated militarily and carried off.

Don Trump is God's choice only if God wishes to punish America.

Walter Lindrose,