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Letters to the editor, August 18

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Jewel of life

One of the joys of my life -- the past 40 years of it anyway -- has been working with immigrants and refugees who have come to live in Dallas. Whether through my church, my community organization, Catholic Charities, the Center for Survivors of Torture or on their own -- meeting these people has been the jewel of life.

And what a beautiful contribution these individuals and families have made to the fabric of life in Dallas and throughout the Southwest.

They have become successful business owners and operators. They have raised successful children and they have contributed monetarily, spiritually, culturally and religiously to our success as a city.

Getting to know and work with immigrants is how you get to understand the enormity of their influence in our society. So now their standing in the community must be protected and upheld. We count on all our elected officials to support their progress and efforts to be contributing members of North Texas society.

Thank you for your contribution toward that goal.

Rita Clarke,

Cut from same cloth

Do you want war with North Korea? I don't think many Americans want to duke it out with the dragon of East Asia.

How about the North Koreans?

They may call us paper tigers but the average Korean would not care to test our fangs and claws. Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un and his bootlickers have a taste for war; that is as long as they don't have to do any fighting.

We are still at war with Afghanistan and Trump wants to put more boots on the ground; he also is toying with sending troops into Venezuela.

War is a rich man's game and a poor man's battle. In the event of a war, do you expect Trump and Kim Jong Un to be dodging bullets?

They are cut from the same cloth. They both threaten war but will only do combat through the media while thousands of American and Korean young people give their lives to placate war aspirations.

I suggest Trump and Kim Jong Un be placed in the midst of a huge stadium, wearing only cutoffs; each with a baseball bat and let them both experience war.

We would sell tickets on pay-for-view all over the world. The winner would have to use the money for health care and other projects to benefit the common people.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one." -- John Lennon.

John Nance Garner,

Position statement

Would it be too much to ask of Rep. Michael Burgess and the Denton County GOP to provide a position statement on Trump's statements equating neo-Nazi, white nationalists and those who opposed them?

Burgess has been a supporter of all things Trump and the county group has been nothing more than a support group. Do they believe the destination of the Trump train is a more perfect union?

Constituents deserve to know, and it's possible that Trump might benefit from knowing whether there is unease in the base.

Mark Spencer,
Cross Roads