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Letters to the editor, August 21

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Do-it-yourself medical

What if our health future involves do-it-yourself medical like is already the case for home and auto maintenance and repair?

I offer humor in a jugular vein.

"HealthMart! HealthZone! HealthMax! Health Depot! Health O'Reilly! The Diagnost-a-tron system, thanks to online information, already knows your parents' medical history as well as your medical past, present and future. It knows your lifestyle and your social media profile.

Available are different grades of rebuilt hearts, other organs; all have push-on connections so no delicate suturing is required.

You can have your personality, heredity and life experience programmed into a new body. You'll live forever and receive "core" credit for decrepit body parts. For an extra charge, the new you can acquire additional native languages and even upload the material you failed to learn in school. You may think you died, but others won't! Watch out for frustrated heirs!

Temporarily offering free rental of the heart-lung machine; return it clean to avoid an extra charge.

Tutorial sessions this week on how to do your own appendectomy or root canal.

High prices lead to efforts to cut costs, and health care is no exception. Farm workers long ago, more workers today and much more replacement is in our future.

We will live definitely longer, conceivably forever, but possibly in a living hell.

The doctors really are at fault because if most of us had died of something, health care wouldn't be worrying so many of us!

Ross Melton Jr.,

Due process denied

I read in today's paper [Aug. 12] that William Bunselmeyer has, at the age of 53, "retired" from his $144,000 job at DME.

He joins DME general manager Phil Williams, who "resigned" and former City Manager George Campbell, who was bought out last summer and shown the door before the "improprieties" of the Denton Energy Center were investigated.

Before the unveiling of the Renewable Denton Plan, Bunselmeyer and Williams met with some folks who were instrumental in passing Denton's ban on hydraulic fracturing.

The DME officials asked if the gas plant, also known as the Denton Energy Center (DEC), would be a problem. They were told, "Yes."

That affirmation fell on deaf ears and the campaign to "greenwash" the facility began, culminating with Campbell's hiring of the Brattle Group to provide "analysis" of the DEC's environmental and economic integrity. The citizens' request for an in-depth analysis of a 100 percent, non-fossil fuel plan was ignored.

Williams, Bunselmeyer and Campbell should not be allowed to sneak away from the financial mess they created. They and certain complicit members of the City Council saw to it that the citizens, who own the municipal utility, were denied a voice in the approval of the $265 million expenditure. Due diligence was not done by DME or city management, and due process was denied the citizens of Denton.

Who will answer for that?

Ed Soph,

Dead wrong

I am a fourth-generation Texan. Both my great-grandfathers fought in the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy. So far as I know, they served honorably, perhaps even heroically. But they do not deserve to be honored with a statue. The fact is that they were dead wrong.

Their attempt to overthrow the United States government was treason, pure and simple.

And they were fighting to preserve slavery, a system that allowed one person to own another, that allowed the owner to sell a husband or wife away from the spouse, that permitted the owners to sell children away from their parents, even to another state where the parents might never see them again.

The continued presence of the Confederate monument on our courthouse Square is a celebration, even a glorification, of these wrongs. Yes, it represents a part of our history, a shameful part of our history, and as such, it should be in a museum.

Dolores Vann,

Who's to blame?

Big headlines on the front page of the DRC: "Trump blasts hate groups by name."

Well, he didn't do it during the campaign. He didn't do it during his presidency. He didn't do it after the tragedy in Virginia. He only did it after great condemnation of him and intense criticism of him from both Democrats and Republicans.

So, what is he privately thinking? He's probably thinking that he needs the KKK, neo-Nazis and extreme white supremacists for his next hopeless election. Several Republicans have already considered running against him.

Who is to blame for Virginia and all the hatred? Donald Trump.

I support the Southern Poverty Law Center, which describes all the increasing hate groups and tracks them and educates people.

They formerly shut down the KKK in one state. But the KKK is back with a fury along with many other hate groups.

Trump has several times advocated violence. He has directed hatred toward Mexicans, Muslims and other groups. He said he would pay legal fees for his goons who attacked protesters, and they have.

He has several white supremacists on his White House staff, including Stephen Bannon and Sebastian Gorka.

Former KKK leader David Duke just said the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville was done to fulfill Trump's promises.

We know who you really are, Donald Trump.

Jim Stodola,