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Letters to the editor, August 22

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Take a lesson

I'm writing about the article on President Trump and his banning or discharging transgender people in the military. Some people may agree with him and that's their right.

I do not agree with this, and this is why. The military allows men and women to serve. They allow mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. They enlist, serve and may go overseas. They fight to defend us and the president. They go without question.

With that being said, what difference does it make if the person fighting for our country is transgender or not?

They have to fight enough battles with what they go through already to become the person they really are and I don't think anyone should penalize them for that.

Why does it bother you all so much that someone is transgender and serving. Is it because you think they can't fight or defend or protect our country or its allies? Well, if that's it, then shame on you.

I was raised to fight for what I believe in and was never told I had to be something I'm not. My parents cheered me on all the way. President Trump,

I think you should take a lesson from my parents.

Emmy Fountain,
Lake Dallas