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Letters to the editor, August 25

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Retain American ideal

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes."

-- Mark Twain?

We can learn from German history of the 1920s and '30s. Their loss in World War I caused tremendous anger and fear. Anger led to hateful words and violent actions, which fed extremist groups, finally narrowing to Nazis and communists.

Bombarded for years by hate and violence from both sides, the center broke, some going to the extremes, others becoming silent out of fear. Eventually, Nazis took over.

Anger and fear exist in today's rhyming America. Anger has led to hateful words and violence from various sides, and the American center is beginning to crumble, some supporting one extreme or another, some becoming silent out of fear.

Those still in the center must not become silent.

Although the left is the greater danger now, centrists must speak out against fanaticism and hate from every side that attempts to justify demonizing someone, breaking their bones or burning their homes and businesses.

Hate and hateful words from all sides are deplorable. All violence from all sides is unacceptable, except in self-defense against actual violence at the time.

If the American center cannot hold and retain that American ideal, our country is lost.

We'll be tyrannized by a Hitler, Stalin, China, Russia or radical Islamists.

All Americans will lose, except for the few then in positions of power and influence.

Lee Nahrgang,