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Letters to the editor, August 26

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Proud of great-grandfathers

I just finished the paper this morning. The article on the front page [Monday, Aug. 21, DRC] about "The road to hate" was interesting. I can see how he was convinced to join the "alt-right," whatever that means.

The men who fought in the Civil War did not commit treason. They fought for what they believed in.

They were no different than the people who fought the American Revolution. They did not want to be ruled by England, so they fought. The Civil War was fought over many issues, and not just slavery.

I certainly do not believe like the KKK or the Nazi people. Like the alt-left, they just hate anyone who does not agree with them.

It seems strange to take down the statues after 100-plus years. Some of them are in public parks. I guess those parks are only for certain groups, not all the public. I am a born-and-raised Texas lady 80-plus years old. My great-grandfathers fought and I am proud of them.

Thanks for letting me vent! I feel better!

Loretta Jeter,

History cannot be changed

The Confederate statues are symbols of the worst times in our nation's history. Fathers and sons killed each other. Brothers killed brothers.

People have forgotten that whites were the first slaves in America. They were called indentured servants, but were still owned by masters and treated like property. Blacks seem to have forgotten that black Africans aided American slavery by kidnapping members of other tribes and selling them to the slave traders.

A few radical people think they can change history by removing these statues. History is written and cannot be changed. We should learn from the past and move on.

There are bad people in all races, but we should not let those few cause our nation to break apart again. Good triumphs over evil. This is my two cents worth on this subject. I know you have your opinion, and I respect whatever it may be.

Dan Christian,

Bad idea

President Trump's "Buy American" drive is a bad idea for two reasons. First, many products are partially made in the U.S. and partially made in other countries.

For example, 80 percent of the "Japanese" Toyota Camry is made in the U.S., which is a lot larger percentage than is found in some "American" cars.

Second, using the "Made in America" excuse to slap tariffs on foreign products would cause other countries to retaliate. The resulting trade war would cause higher prices for consumers and a loss of jobs because U.S. manufacturers would have to pay higher prices for their inputs.

Let's hope that the Made in America idea does not result in harmful trade practices.

Bob Michaelsen,