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Letters to the editor, August 28

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Monumental questions

What is happening to this country? Why should all statues or monuments that offend somebody be destroyed?

Our history simply can't be changed by destroying monuments.

Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. So we should remove him from Mount Rushmore and destroy the Declaration of Independence?

Remember, Jefferson wrote it.

I can't stand the thought of racism, or am I allowed to say, "I hate it." Racism isn't going to change by destroying a statue or monument.

It can only change when everybody, and I mean everybody wants it to end.

Ray Stefl,

Standing alone

President Donald Trump seems to be standing alone against a mob of those trying to dictate how he should act and speak.

His detractors are grandiose, hateful, childish and violent.

If they don't like what they see, their remedy should be to elect someone they do like at the next election.

The media, Democrats, and liberals may be losing ground. Why should anyone care what the media think?

I muse about President Trump possibly declaring that in 2020 he will run on the Democratic Party ticket, and win!

On fascism accusations, that's just what communists call those they dislike. Those accusers are effectively saying, "We're communists!"

Everyone, even an imbecile or the winner of an election, thinks he or she is superior to all others. To not feel that way is pathological, a kind of inferiority complex.

Trump's critics and the media are obviously supremacists.

The so-called white supremacists are probably white separatists, but our media doesn't let us hear them speak.

Ross Melton Jr.,