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Letters to the editor, August 29

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Deliberate configurations

Kudos to U.S. District Judge Gonzales Ramos for rejecting yet another attempt by the Texas GOP to tighten its grip on power by suppressing certain voters who likely won't support their candidates and sustaining a system of gerrymandering that rigs the system in their favor. [DRC, Aug. 24]

When GOP legislators like Michael Burgess brag about large majorities who send them back to Congress each election cycle, they ignore the fact that the GOP-controlled state Legislature realigned voting districts back in 2010 to capture areas where large swaths of voters have traditionally voted Republican.

Their re-elections are guaranteed because of such deliberate configurations to control political power in the state.

As a result, democracy is sacrificed to the whims of party politics where people are put in elected office, not for their skills and statesmanship, but because they signed on with the majority party, which too often caters to wealthy special interests rather than the people who actually elected them.

Democrats in the past have done the same and that is why we need an independent body of people who represent the political and cultural mix of Texans to meet federal and state mandates each 10 years to align districts that reflect population growth.

We need districts that reflect the shared experiences and economies of communities connected to each other.

We do not need districts without those links and that only promise the types of voters who perpetuate a false sense that our votes really matter.

Larry Beck,