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Letters to the editor, August 30

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Ban texting while driving nationwide

In the state of Texas, 6,632 car crashes were related to cell phones in 2016, and 330,000 wrecks are caused every year due to texting while driving. The Texas Legislature's recent passage of a statewide texting ban will reduce crash numbers and save lives by helping make sure that people focus on the road, not their mobile devices.

But city and state bans are insufficient because people can drive between cities and be completely unaware there is a ban on texting while they are driving in the area where the ban is in effect. For example, Flower Mound only bans texting while driving in school zones, while Denton has a ban on the entire city. A person driving from Flower Mound to Denton may not know about Denton's ban, which would result in a ticket.

We need a national ban on texting while driving. It would have a much bigger impact than local bans. A national ban would offer consistency and save more lives.

Joshua Zhang,

Flower Mound

Publish sponsors, attendees

Since the First Amendment protects campus hate speech, should we pat the University of North Texas on the back for sponsoring a hateful business ethics speech?

The university has invited Donald Trump Jr. to speak at its Kuehne Speakers forum in late October. While the issue of hate speech remains one of roiling legal complexity, what constitutes hateful business ethics can be easily grasped by the layman. It is what everyone would find repugnant other than those hoping to cash in on a few tricks of the trade from a 37-year-old with a net worth between $150 million and $300 million that came from who knows where.

Donald Jr. mentions Russian investors, which his father disputes. His father also refuses to disclose his tax returns. However, four bankruptcies have compelled Trump Sr. to seek financing outside the U.S., which is being investigated by a special prosecutor and two impaneled grand juries.

As for ethics, Trump Jr. lied about meeting with a Russian former KGB agent and six other associates with Kremlin ties, which may constitute a federal election crime.

If UNT invites this man to speak, it should publish the list of sponsors and attendees. The general public might be curious to know who is modeling their business ethics after those of Donald Trump Jr.

Constance Hilliard,

Hickory Creek