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Letters to the editor, September 9

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Staged speech

So, is Ryan LLC tax services, G. Brint Ryan or UNT paying the $100,000 to Donald Trump Jr. for a staged speech for the Kuehne Speaker Series?

Does the $5,000 UNT agreed to pay for travel and hotel accommodations begin to pay the cost of security, much less for all the extras a person of his status demands?

It's hard to swallow all the hoopla and spending about improving athletic programs. Where is the funding (for professors, labs and curricula) in addition to the scholarships UNT students need? I do so wish UNT could really focus on educating the future leaders of our country. Why not offer $100,000 to a Nobel Prize winner to come and lecture?

It's been said that charities always take in more money than they spend to fund a fundraising event. I wonder.

I'm so chagrined, I can hardly write.

Diane Garcia,