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Letters to the editor, September 17

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Pay their own way

I just read in the Sept. 14 DRC that the Denton ISD is considering a bond issue in anticipation of the future student enrollment due to Denton's growth.

As a retired educator, I totally support education, but why burden current property owners with the expense of tomorrow's education?

Have the future growth pay its own way.

As an example, a 0.2 percent construction fee on new homes for schools, paid at issue of the building permit on a $300,000 home would be about $600. At that rate, 5,000 new homes would produce $3 million. And these new homes would immediately generate new property taxes for the schools.

These numbers are arbitrary, but the concept is to let tomorrow's property owners pay their own way and not heap the burden on the shoulders of current owners.

Allan Morgan,

True politician

It appears that Paul Metzler will be running again for City Council by his position as a true politician who bends with the winds of a liberal, college town.

His suggestion to place a memorial on the Square to the emancipated slaves will certainly win him lots of votes. But unfortunately it implies the removal of the Confederate soldier, and both will raise a dangerous tantrum from the children of the Stars and Bars.

Perhaps a suggestion: Move the Confederate soldier to one side of the walkway; place a statue, say MLK, on the other; and mount an arch between them. Denton (and every city) needs healing for the wounds caused by statues, not exacerbation.

Unless, of course, the Denton Central Appraisal District can find some way to tax a riot.

John Thorngren,
Shady Shores