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Letters to the editor, September 21

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American hero

John Thorngren's suggestion to move the Confederate soldier to one side of the sidewalk and place a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. on the other side echoes the conversation I had with Willie Hudspeth last week.

To me, MLK was a true American hero. I just wish people on both sides would listen to what the man said and stood for.

This would place Denton at the front of cities that recognize the past and looked to the future. Get on board, Willie. Let's make this happen.

Don Duff,

Error in logic

Marc Thiessen in his opinion article, "Left wing left us vulnerable to North Korea's nukes" [DRC, Sept. 6] makes a logical error of cause and effect.

Thiessen states, "Democrats have done everything in their power to prevent, obstruct or delay the deployment of a ballistic missile defense."

He fails to realize or is ignorant of the fact that this is a secondary cause of our failure to deploy an ABM system.

After spending almost a trillion dollars on an anti-intercontinental ballistic missile system, the scientific, engineering and technological community found there was no answer to this formidable problem.

They found our opponents could develop countermeasures faster and more cheaply than we could upgrade our systems.

They discovered the only protection against multiple ICBMs was to detonate a high-yield thermonuclear weapon in outer space over our own country where the incoming missiles were entering the atmosphere.

The electromagnetic pulse generated by this explosion would, hopefully, destroy the electronics in the re-entering vehicles.

However, it was discovered that this pulse would destroy all non-nuclear hardened, solid-state devices in this country, which would be catastrophic for the United States.

The solution was mutually assured destruction, which has been in place since the 1960s. It assures our enemies that should they strike the United States or any of our allies, we will respond and they will be destroyed.

The Democrats and many Republicans concluded that "Star Wars" was too expensive, wouldn't work and should be terminated.

Thiessen fails to mention this "first" cause of why we have no anti-intercontinental ballistic missile system today.

Bob James,