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Letters to the editor, September 25

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Thanks, DME workers

I want to extend my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to utility workers from Denton Municipal Electric. Irma had hit our town in Florida with high winds for a long period of time. Ocala is known for its beautiful moss-covered trees, which proved to be a liability after the storm.

The Denton team worked hours and days restoring power to my neighborhood. Thank you to the supportive families left behind in Denton in order to let this great team come to Florida.

Christine Kovach, Ocala,

Make positive changes

It's time to change direction, folks. First, stop the hate. It shows stupidity. After you stop hating, you can get on with fixing our broken planet.

Climate change is upon us like flies on manure. Maybe you like Category 5 hurricanes. Cat 6s and 7s are on the way if we don't stop raping this planet.

Earthquakes will continue and become more severe if we continue to disturb the earth's crust, upsetting the tectonic plates even more. Each dead dinosaur sucked out of the ground -- either gas or oil and especially fracking -- leaves a void that shouldn't be there.

Wind and solar are our best choices. When Denton Municipal Electric fires up its super-polluter on the east side of town, just watch your air quality change.

Our fearless leader is more interested in walls and nuking a small country than doing anything to help the earth, our home. What great priorities. Get real. Make positive changes for the good of everyone who lives here, and not just in dynamic Denton.

J. Aaron Cundall,