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Letters to the editor, September 26

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No sympathy for victims

Mary Sanchez, one of your progressive columnists, writes a typical anti-death penalty column with not a word of sympathy for the long-dead women.

Recently, Ohio put to death an animal of a man who anally raped his girlfriend's 3-year-old at least three times and beat her for at least three days, leaving 125 bruises on her body and rupturing her small intestines. He threw her against the walls.

The anti-death penalty groups had the nerve to worry that this worst-of-the-worst criminal might have suffered for one minute or so. Want him for a neighbor, Ms. Sanchez? We must keep the death penalty to get rid of this trash.

By the way, the mainstream media, led by The New York Times, only reported that the little girl had been abused. Think the media doesn't have an agenda?

Paul Knopick,

Economic inequality

Currently the USA faces numerous near-term problems, which will likely be solved on the backs of the poor. But longer term, economic inequality of our citizens will likely cause the demise of our country as a republic. Economic inequality is already resulting in major problems.

The USA is the world's richest country and yet, unlike other modern countries, cannot afford to provide to all citizens basic necessities such as health care, modern infrastructure, etc. As the world's richest country, how is this possible?

The answer is because the vast majority of citizens own relatively few assets but own tremendous federal debt.

The massive wealth of the USA is owned by relatively few very wealthy people and corporations and relatively little of that wealth is available to solve USA problems. And this trend favoring the wealthy is increasing.

Historically, vastly unequal societies have always become oligarchies (government by a few) or populist demagogic regimes. That situation always led to constant strife until eventually the poor revolted against the rich. Why would the final result in the USA be different?

Most of our legislators already answer to the rich. So, no relief will come from that source. The only remedy is for the people to understand what is happening, massively protest and vote accordingly.

John Siegmund,