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Letters to the editor, September 27

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Sleeping lion awakens

More than one ardent supporter of keeping the Civil War memorial on the Denton Square has pointed out how this would not be an issue had Trump not won the presidency.

That is one of the few true statements uttered by the proponents of a symbol that for many of us, especially African-Americans, is viewed as offensive from a bygone era that memorializes at some level the treason and racism of the Confederacy.

The man-child who now occupies the Oval Office has unashamedly demonstrated his contempt for a multicultural America. This along with his alliances with white supremacists has emboldened this darker element within circles of white Americans.

These hateful people have aligned themselves with that which attempted to suppress black equality and as a result have awakened those of us who have always felt uncomfortable with these monuments but remained silent all this time, as white people tend to do when their own culture is not affected.

If preserving history truly is the goal of those who want the statue to remain, then the complete history of this era needs to be revealed.

Disguising their concerns under this specious argument is what troubles those of us today who sat idly by, allowing this hatred to resurface under the discriminatory banner Trump paraded around as a white nationalist.

Trump and his supporters have awakened a sleeping lion in those who are now willing to challenge this despicable movement. Better late than not at all.

Larry Beck,