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Letters to the editor, September 28

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Soul food

Great editorial [DRC, Sept. 22] on idea for preserving the old Selwyn College Preparatory School property on West University Drive.

We Texans sometimes don't have much concern for old things.

Dreaming about saving some neat old buildings and landscape could provide some positive soul food in these times when that is in short supply.

Randall Davis,

Protect basic rights

In Tuesday's editorial titled "Athletes should protest on own time," you set the stage for selective restriction of free speech by a group of people (athletes) in certain locations (sports venues).

Who will have the decision-making authority to reduce the extent of freedom of speech?

Maybe all sports venues should be placed on this list and include any individual or group from speaking out there. Maybe sports venues should be identified as neutral zones where no discussion of social, political, religious or economic issues could take place.

Care must be taken so the basic rights of everyone are always and totally protected.

John Hipple,

Grow up and govern

Once again, Republicans dishonor the party by trying to pass a seriously flawed bill by using secrecy and subterfuge.

With yet another attempt to pass legislation that promises to decimate the health care provisions that protect our vulnerable senior and disadvantaged citizens.

They blindly strike out in this fashion because they lack the courage to work in a bipartisan fashion to reach a compromise that serves the entire public rather than simply those who scream the loudest.

Repeal without an equitable replacement is tantamount to declaring war on America's senior population. I was once a proud Republican, and now I find it difficult to continue with this party.

However, I know if we as a party refocus on governing for all the people rather than behaving like undisciplined children fighting over who gets to use the monkey bars first, we can once again be a political party with pride in what we accomplish.

Cassidy-Graham does not take us in that direction. It will potentially damage the segment of our population that should be protected not attacked.

Stop this bill. Grow up and govern.

William Hoadley,