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Letters to the editor, October 4

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Amazon headquarters

In the Sept. 27 edition of the Denton Record-Chronicle, there was an article about the possibility of Amazon building a second headquarters in this area. Amazon listed the main needs for the new location. No. 1 on the list is a minimum of 100 acres of land.

On Sept. 28, the DRC published a letter from Randal Davis about something needing to be done with the property and old buildings of the Selwyn School. Guess how many acres the Selwyn School covers? You got it: 100.

Somebody somewhere wants Amazon on that property. Why can't Denton and/or Denton County acquire the property and give it to Amazon with very low taxes from all taxing entities? A local construction company should be required to build it. I would much rather see a nice, new building with new cars in the parking lot than empty grassland.

The article states that the average income of Amazon employees would be $100,000. That would inject a lot of money into Denton and Denton County.

The huge commercial area just east of Interstate 35 will have a huge impact on their decision.

The most important concern will come from the need for housing. We have a great deal of open land west of Denton for homes. Give them as much as we can. The end result will be huge.

Jim Penton,

File wrongful death suits

I understand the NFL players taking a knee. I just don't see what it accomplishes.

If they really want to do something, they should get off their knees and put their money in a trust fund.

Have the families of police shooting victims file wrongful death lawsuits on every officer involved.

If nothing else, it will get the rest to use other than their trigger finger. After all, the Goldman family hit O.J. Simpson with a civil lawsuit.

Ralph Priset,