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Letters to the editor, October 5

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Get priorities straight

President Trump must have had his eyeteeth removed because his mouth cannot see what he is saying.

He criticized sports teams for kneeling during the national anthem when kneeling was not against our flag or our anthem. It was for equal treatment for all.

Trump suggested that team owners should fire those SOBs for kneeling. But I don't recall him saying those who started a riot in Charlottesville should be fired for carrying clubs, Nazi flags and Confederate flags.

Trump's priority should be helping the victims of three hurricanes and he should let the United Nations handle "Rocket Man." They both act like two schoolboys with their comments about each other. Let's all hope Trump will get his priorities straight.

Dan Christian,

Buck lovers

The general population has no knowledge as to who is paying for the display of patriotism at most college and NFL games. The unknowing taxpayer is the one funding that expense through the U.S. Department of Defense. They are using this as a means of recruiting bodies.

This was the subject at lunch yesterday after church. Two high-ranking retirees who were with Homeland Security told us that it was common knowledge within the government that the NFL owners were benefitting from this revenue source.

These displays have nothing to do with patriotism -- just a love of the buck. Seems they have the same sort of patriotism as our buck-loving president.

Jack Highfill,

Bad form

Sunday's DRC headlines read $1 per square foot, or $11.5 million spent on 340 acres for DME's "Super Polluting Energy Center."

I am one of the 55,000 Denton residents who use the power they sell and I'm a taxpayer who is appalled at the waste, fraud and abuse that we citizens are facing by the DME.

What kind of oversight is our city leadership providing here?

How about let's let DME have carte blanche to pull the wool over our eyes and then feed us their dirty power all in the name of their bogus clean renewable energy policy.

When are the lies going to stop? When will our city's false leadership do anything to rein in this disgusting travesty.

Talk about government abuse of the people's trust.

We have enough to worry about and now our city wants to screw us to the wall, while they laugh at us behind our backs. Bad form people, really bad form.

J. Aaron Cundall,