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Letters to the editor, October 8

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Insidious placement

Rather than point out how the lax gun laws in this country aided in the Las Vegas shooting, I would ask why we have the highest per capita gun ownership of developed countries.

I also wonder why some people turn any proposal for gun control legislation into an hysterical rant about an attack on their Second Amendment rights.

The National Rifle Association, hijacked by libertarian zealots and funded by the gun industry, has catapulted this nation to a state where gun violence is now the norm and guns are the most used weapon for suicides, domestic violence and gang killings. No other implement comes even close.

Using tactics of fear and promoting a bogus "God-given right" notion of gun ownership, their insidious placement in millions of homes have led to the killing of innocent children, friends and relatives because people now leave them too easily exposed for fear that they will be victims of crime. The NRA has pushed this idea in the hopes that gun industry profits will soar.

No sensible legislative proposal is immune from the NRA's need to keep gun profits growing. The organization even opposed the federal Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act that was focused on keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists.

The NRA spent more than $36 million last year to promote candidates who support their agenda.

Enough is enough. It should be as the Record-Chronicle editorial mentioned that any solution to this epidemic should exclude the NRA.

Larry Beck,