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Letters to the editor, October 9

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Denton Record-Chronicle Readers

Vote on Confederate memorial

You have published submissions by Mr. Penton and Mr. Ezell, both long-term and caring citizens of Denton County. These men have suggested a vote by the people of Denton County relating to the removal of the Confederate memorial.

That suggestion is an excellent solution to a problem that has been on the plate of the Denton County Commissioners Court for too long. Give the decision to the voters of Denton County.

Betty Farmer,

Reject reckless tax giveaways

In response to your coverage of the budget and tax debate in D.C.: With one in eight Americans living at or below the poverty line, why are some members of Congress taking aim at the very federal programs that help working families put food on the table and obtain other basics to survive to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy?

SNAP (formerly food stamps) lifted 3.6 million out of poverty last year and the Earned Income and Child Tax Credits lifted 8.2 million people above the poverty line. Gutting these programs -- and many others, including Medicare and Medicaid -- to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and big corporations is unconscionable.

With important budget decisions happening now, I hope I can count on our members of Congress to stand with families and kids here in our state and reject these reckless tax giveaways.

I personally have been blessed with such programs. I'm a single mom with an 8-year-old daughter. These programs have fed my daughter and me as we struggle with such poverty levels. It lightens up the load, while I put myself through school so I can be independent from these programs and on my own financially after graduating.

I'm six classes shy from graduating from Texas Woman's University. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for these programs.

Vianey Segovia,

Lame excuses

Move UNT President Smatresk and 87 faculty members to UC Berkeley?

Smatresk's efforts -- noted in the DRC on Oct. 5 -- to thwart Donald Trump Jr.'s speech at UNT is very disappointing and appears to be just another left-wing attempt to stifle free speech, which goes against the First Amendment of our Constitution and what institutions of higher learning are supposed to do.

Trump Jr.'s speech is intended to help raise scholarship funds, and students would not attend.

The excuses to decline Trump Jr.'s speech, i.e., his meeting with Russians last summer (which turned out to be a big nothing) and President Trump's "failure to condemn Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists" (He did. How often must he do it?) are both very lame.

How would the UNT president, the 87 faculty members and others feel if a left-wing celebrity was invited to speak? I believe we all know the answer to that.

Scott Walker,