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Letters to the editor, October 17

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Shame on the regents

Letters to the editor complaining of the University of North Texas sponsoring the Trump Jr. speech have missed the most important point.

The hidden purpose of this fiasco is to make political contributions tax-deductible.

The speech is not sponsored by UNT, but by a tax-exempt foundation set up by UNT regents for the alleged purpose of raising money for student scholarships, a most worthy cause. But wait.

It is a scam, and here's how they do it:

1. Advertise the tax-exempt foundation as a benefit for student scholarships. Make sure you give some scholarships.

2. Invite high-profile political figures, to whom you want to contribute, as featured speakers.

3. Pay them a lavish "fee," like $100,000 plus all expenses. You don't even have to have the event on campus.

4. Stick the university (therefore the taxpayers) with part of the expenses.

This stinks to high heaven. Why would our UNT regents be so underhanded as to set up a scam that takes money away from every taxpayer in the USA to support their political candidates?

The UNT regents are not poor folks. They serve in a position of high public trust. We are entitled to expect much better of those who serve in a position of such trust. Have they even made public the number of dollars collected and the amount given in scholarships?

Shame on the Board of Regents for being so sleazy with our university's name and our taxpayer dollars.

Don W. Smith,