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Letters to the editor, October 19

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Unconventional Tillerson

So Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared on a Sunday news show and again refused to confess to having called President Trump a moron.

He said instead that both he and the president are "unconventional" as if that's a defense.

A lengthy profile/analysis in a recent New Yorker magazine says Tillerson proposed cutting the U.S. State Department's budget by nearly a third, that more than 300 career diplomats have departed and many concluded "neither Tillerson nor Trump understood the role of diplomacy in American foreign policy."

Tillerson's budget "called for drastically reducing or completely dissolving programs to help refugees, deliver aid to countries hit by disaster, support fledging democratic movements, protect women's groups, and fight the spread of H.I.V. and AIDS."

A retired diplomat told the reporter, "Whether it's the oceans, the environment, science, human rights, broadband assignments, drugs and thugs, civil aviation -- it's a huge range of issues on which there are countless treaties and agreements that all require management. And, if we are not there, things will start to fall apart."

The DRC recently said it wouldn't blame Tillerson if he quit the Cabinet position to play golf at the Denton Country Club. If he's not going to acknowledge the responsibilities of the department he heads, historians may define his legacy in terms worse than "unconventional."

Mark Spencer,
Cross Roads