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Letters to the editor, October 20

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Wrong group howling

Every time someone talks about reforming the federal income tax, our progressive colleagues start howling that we are going to batter the poor to reduce taxes on the rich.

Let's look at facts. A nonpartisan research outfit reports that 77 million American households pay no federal income tax, or 45 percent of those eligible to pay. The richest 20 percent pay 69 percent of the federal income tax.

Sounds like the wrong group is howling.

Paul Knopick,

Gas station project

Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe has teased us with little tidbits relative to the 96-pump filling station, e.g., "controversial," but has refrained [or was she restrained?] from an in-depth investigation.

Why did certain city employees, and reportedly some elected officials, pursue the bottle-necking of a portion of the I-35E corridor after it was soundly refused by Corinth?

We learned the gas station project (Buc-ee's) was code-named "Project Cartoon" on council meeting agendas to keep it a secret. And we read that some meetings were conducted in closed sessions. Should we suspect shenanigans and subterfuge?

Of what value is the underpass from Brinker Road to the entrance of a gargantuan fill-up facility?

It has been reported that "private money" will fund the city's portion of the construction, and that the "donor" will get it back manifold over the years?

Is there a story to be told? Have you seen it? Does all that has transpired, which gets more odoriferous by the day, need an airing? Dec. 1 is the second anniversary of the vote to give away those millions.

Ms. Heinkel-Wolfe's notebook must be brimming with leads she could pursue. Read her reports on the meetings that took place on the first Tuesday in 2015.

Sic-em, Ms. Heinkel-Wolfe!

Larry Jambor,