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Letters to the editor, October 21

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Variety of issues

A little bit about this and that:

Gun control: What new regulation would have stopped the Las Vegas shooter? Background checks are done on each purchase of a firearm at a gun store. Didn't any bells go off in FBI or ATF computer systems on any of the shooter's multiple purchases? Strange.

Environment and immigration: If you care about the environment, you need to oppose the "open borders" crowd. By 2050, America's population will be 400 million. That will create major economic, social and environmental havoc.

So-called "chain migration" will be a major player in the overpopulation problem because it allows an immigrant's family members to be legal residents, allowing them to collect welfare and government assistance.

NFL football players: Sports Illustrated once estimated that 78 percent of NFL players end up broke or living with financial stress after retirement. That is not the crowd you want to take a knee with.

Confederate statues: Flaming liberals and Yankees should not decide what the South considers appropriate monuments to our fallen ancestors.

Will the Alamo be a place of contention when the Mexican population exceeds the rest of us? Will the 9/11 memorials be considered insulting to our growing Muslim population?

Think past your hate, liberals. How long before some hate group comes after the MLK memorials?

What goes around comes around.

Alice Gore,