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Letters to the editor: Wednesday, Oct. 25

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Job creation

President Trump claims that reducing the corporate tax rate will stimulate the creation of new firms and jobs. In nearly all cases, this is not true. People usually start new firms because of smart ideas, a chance to strike it rich, or a desire to be their own boss.

If our tax rates were too high, they would discourage new firms, but most founders of new companies make money in the form of capital gains, which are only taxed at slightly more than 20 percent. Apple, Microsoft and Amazon were all launched at a time of higher tax rates. If the president really wanted to create jobs instead of handing big tax cuts to his rich political donor friends, he would invest in education, the infrastructure, the internet and the power grid.

Bob Michaelsen,

Transition animals

Most of us learned about cause and effect in grade school. Apparently, SeaWorld's executives cut class that day or they'd realize why they have to keep cutting jobs -- the 350 just announced on top of 320 last year and 311 in 2014.

Cause: SeaWorld won't stop exploiting orcas, dolphins, and other animals. Effect: People who care stay away; profits nosedive; SeaWorld, desperate to stay afloat, passes out pink slips.

But it may not be too late to learn a lesson. Transition the animals to coastal sanctuaries so they can taste the freedom they've been denied; focus on innovative, non-animal attractions; watch the turnstiles spin.

Amy Elizabeth,
Norfolk, Virginia