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Letters to the editor, October 30

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Confederate Park

A recent letter to the editor of the Denton-Record Chronicle on Oct. 21 titled "Variety of Issues" has a strong point: Confederate sympathizers should decide on the appropriate display of what the South considers monuments to fallen Confederate ancestors.

There should be a Confederate Park for these statues. The Confederate Park could be located east of Denton off University Drive. One can visualize it now; a green swath with landscaped sidewalks under magnolia trees with tables located periodically.

Sympathizers could picnic and bask under the concrete gaze of Lee and old Stonewall (Stonewall died at 39, shot by his own troops).

Of course, this park would be paid for by those who want to keep the statues. These sympathizers could start a park fund, solicit contributions, have a cake sale and a car wash or two. This could be a reality in no time. The statues would be stored until the park was ready to receive them.

Since all this and the maintenance of the park would be paid for by those who revere the statues, the statues would not have to be seen or paid for by flaming liberals or Yankees. It would be a terrific win-win for both parties.

Bob James,