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Letters to the editor, November 2

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Let residents decide

Instead of yet another committee to study and make a decision for us, put the decision about removal or not out to us, we the people. Let us decide whether or not to remove the monument. We have too many committees that decide for us.

We must be consulted and have our say. So let us decide. That way, win or lose, we the people will have had a chance to have a part in this historic decision.

Gretchen Arrant,

Rein in monopoly power

The conservative view is that if the government gets out of the way and leaves free markets alone, the country will prosper. The assumption is that these free markets are competitive. In fact, competition is rapidly decreasing.

More than 75 percent of U.S. industries have experienced an increase in the concentration of ownership over the past 20 years, with technology, airlines, pharmacies and media companies being the worst offenders.

This trend is resulting in higher prices and reduced choice for consumers, lost jobs and depressed wages for workers, and a concentration of wealth in fewer people. The only protection we have against monopoly power in the private sector is the government using its antitrust powers to intervene.

Unfortunately, President Trump has nominated pro-monopoly Makan Delrahim to run the Department of Justice's antitrust division. It is up to us voters to put a stop to the adverse effects of monopoly power.

Bob Michaelsen,