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Letters to the editor, November 3

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Sidewalk issue

The sidewalk on the north side of Wind River Lane -- between the crosswalk to the neighborhood pool and St. Clair -- has a section that has "subsided," and fills up with mud and slime.

Anyone walking on that sidewalk must be up to negotiating a messy, slippery and dangerous hazard. For sure not an old man with a cane or a walker.

The neighbors periodically clean the mud and slime, but apparently have been informed the sidewalk "belongs" to the city of Denton.

The kids who walk to school arrive with muddy shoes and clothing. As do their moms when they accompany the younger students.

Apparently the homeowners in the area have exhausted their contact lists -- or so it would seem as the hazard persists.

Perhaps someone reading this letter understands the inconvenience, the hazards and the legality of this sidewalk issue going unresolved.

Is there a lawsuit waiting to happen?

Larry Jambor,