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Letters to the editor, November 5

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Safely display sculpture

I am angry that a sculpture of an African-American man is proposed to go into a building because it cannot be kept safe in Quakertown Park!

It is the only sculpture of an African-American on public display in Denton. It had been appropriately placed in that park, which was once home to a thriving African-American community until they were forcefully removed from that area in the early 1920s.

Now it is felt that the sculpture cannot be kept safe in such a public venue. So it will be better to hide it away in some building to protect it.

That is what security cameras and other devices are supposed to do.

Please Denton, tell me that we can safely display the visage of an African-American in public in this community!

I don't ask you to undo the past because that cannot be done. But is it too much to ask for this one African-American sculpture to be displayed safely in that park going forward?

Linnie McAdams,