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Letters to the editor, November 7

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Lying the new norm

I recently read Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance. It provides insight into why low-income, poorly educated people would vote against their well-being.

These unfortunates were promised a stocking full of goodies, but are getting a sock full of coal. Most were only getting by with assistance from our social programs, which are now being meticulously dismantled by our current administration.

Falling for false promises I understand, but why is there continued support of Trump by people I thought intelligent.

Each of Trump's administrators seem bent on dismantling the departments they head. Scott Pruitt, head of EPA, wishes to return us to the days written about by Upton Sinclair in The Jungle. Read it if you dare.

Or read any accredited scientific magazine to see what scholars say about global warming and what it will do to future generations.

It has already begun. It's not God punishing sinners. It's the earth gasping and shuddering as it tries to dislodge the vermin that are destroying its waters and poisoning its atmosphere.

Trump's legacy will be the destruction of our economy, our environment, our educational system, our social support network and our humanity. Because of his lack of a moral compass, lying has become the new norm and collusion the new parlor game.

Unfortunately, the table stakes are our nation's future, and the Trump card in this game is a joker.

John T. Weber,