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Letters to the editor, November 8

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Leftist jihad

President Trump said the following about bureaucrats during a recent speech to the Values Voter Summit: "Bureaucrats think they can run your lives, overrule your values, meddle in your faith and tell you how to live, what to say and how to pray."

As I read that quote, I thought about changing the word "bureaucrats" to "leftists" and it would fit the current situation across America.

America seems to have a leftist jihad taking place with leftist federal judges ruling supreme on these very items, countermanding the foundations of our country and seeking the destruction of conservatism -- all with the help of the mainstream media and leftist members of the Democratic Party.

If left unchecked, America will not survive the current leftist war on American history and American values. Sad.

Alice Gore,

Trump's most enduring legacy

The Trump administration is eliminating many regulations, arguing that they hurt economic growth. There can be too much regulation, but as the following examples show, Trump is going way too far.

Among others, he is now allowing power plants to dump toxic pollutants into public streams, rivers and lakes; removing a proposed ban on a pesticide that causes brain damage in children; removing regulations on banks that reduced the risk of another economic meltdown like 2008; and blocking a rule that would have minimized construction workers' exposure to silica dust.

The effect of this rollback will be to leave Americans vulnerable to unsafe products, tainted food and dangerous workplaces.

Trump's most enduring legacy may be cancer and infertility caused by toxic chemicals, and diminished I.Q.'s from the aforementioned pesticide.

Bob Michaelsen,