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Letters to the editor, November 10

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Active shooters

Once again: Nobody needs an assault rifle except the military and the police. Donald Trump, you continually fail the American people.

If some of you feel the need to carry a pistol to church, and your church allows it, go for it. But remember, active shooter demonstrations have proven that you will kill a few innocents while acting in self-defense. So get some extra training, and not just at the shooting range.

Jim Stodola,

Help the homeless

Trash was not all that was left behind after the city of Denton removed people from the encampment. An estimated 30 people had made the wooded area near South Loop 288 and Duchess Drive their homes. Left behind were remnants of their homes and their lives.

Our society is guilty of dehumanizing the homeless, and turning our nose to the air in regard to their plight.

As a social work major at the University of North Texas, the article reminds us that Denton faces an overwhelming homeless population with few resources to serve them.

The Monsignor King Outreach Center is an ecumenical shelter that is typically only open three days a week. Thankfully, the Salvation Army shelter is open year-round. However, it seems unlikely that the city can meet the needs of the fluctuating 223 homeless individuals in Denton County.

Reporter Julian Gill quotes Denton's human services coordinator Dani Shaw about the need for homeless people to take advantage of services in order to receive stable housing. This mindset discounts the fact that some homeless people want to live outside of societal norms when it comes to housing because it makes them feel more comfortable.

I would like to see the city/country not only step their efforts in reducing the population in the county, but also to consider unconventional approaches to the homeless community instead of displacing 30 people who sought refuge and peace in the woods on Loop 288.

Kassadi Hooker,