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Letters to the editor, November 14

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Shortchanging Denton

Thanks for nothing again to the Texas Department of Transportation for shortchanging and sticking it to us in Denton. ["Next project: I-35E bottleneck," Oct. 7 DRC]. They built three lanes on either side of the mall to the Mayhill Road area, but kept only two lanes in between. This is baffling, not to mention dangerous.

Our transportation director said we couldn't pay AGL to add three lanes and then tear them out to lift I-35E up. Of course not. TxDOT should have built it all at the same time. Did this not occur to someone at TxDOT.

Are they telling us that the busiest intersection in Denton (I-35E and South Loop 288) was not included in the project? How can that be? That particular intersection won't be completed until late 2018 or early 2019.

What an insult to Denton. Nowhere else from University Drive in Denton to LBJ in Dallas do you see this short-sighted planning. All other intersections have big, wide bridges, exit ramps and entrance ramps.

We, the citizens of Denton, and our leaders need to demand that TxDOT move those concrete barriers over and make three lanes. The pavement is there. Move the barriers away from the two travel lanes each way. Block them off again when you are ready to build the bridge.

What does TxDOT have against Denton? Can't our elected officials (local, county and state) get involved and refuse to allow this mistreatment? Why does this keep happening?

Let's see if anyone responds.

David Martin,