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Letters to the editor, November 15

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Fair is fair

Recent letters have claimed that the only fair way to deal with the issues surrounding the Confederate statue on the courthouse lawn is to put it to a referendum and "let the residents decide."

Well, if we are going to be truly fair about it, let's restrict the eligibility to vote to African-American voters only. After all, they were not allowed to vote on it when it was first installed in 1918.

Fair is fair, right?

Whitner Dieterich,
Shady Shores

Mad Tea Party

The Mad Hatter has escaped from the rabbit hole and has taken up residence in the White House. The tea party must have got its name from Lewis Carroll's book, reference Mad Tea Party in the index. I think Steve Bannon is the March Hare, and Jared is the Door Mouse. I can't figure out who the others are, but they are playing their part with enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, the china these whacky tea party-goers are breaking may be irreparable. I finally found Alice. Seems she got wiped on magic mushrooms in the sitting room with the Cheshire Cat while watching Fox News. Now I know why Fox is called the fantasy channel.

Fantasy Fox is a first-class make-believe TV channel. They have cartoon character hosts like Sean Vanity, Steve Coochy Coo and Brian Killme. In their "special" comedy hour, they bring in comedians like the Mad Hatter ventriloquist, Donald Trump, who makes his marionettes sing and dance.

The puppets are called Betsy, Rick, Tom, Ryan, Jeff, Scott and Michael. There are a few more, but they have minor roles in his hilarious skits.

It might be fun attending a Mad Tea Party while breathing polluted air watching Trump and his singing and dancing puppets entertain us. We could roast wieners or make s'mores while our homes burn, our agricultural economy collapses and our coastal cities sink into the sea. After all, it is only a story.

John Weber,

Judge on evidence

Is a person still innocent until proven guilty in our country? Are the accused still due their day in court or do we now, based on an allegation, try to pass judgment in the court of public opinion?

Judge Roy Moore has been accused of an indecent act. Many say he should step aside if guilty. Those in a rush to judgment, like Sen. John McCain, state he should step aside in his run for the U.S. Senate. Let Moore have his day in court -- judged on the evidence, and not on the allegation.

Joe Tims,