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Letters to the editor, November 17

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On-the-mark column

Some of us appreciate and look forward to reading Leonard Pitts' columns in our local paper. We find him nuanced and on-the-mark when it comes to expressing our sorrows and disdain for the hypocrisies rampant in our society.

That's the job of talented and professional columnists.

Perhaps if there were more constant journalistic iterations of our losses due to political spinelessness, we would not be confronting our shame and embarrassment over our political incompetence.

There are some of us who consider our inability to put the country's well-being before party politics a tragic horror.

When the power of special interests manipulates us into impulsively believing that the value of cost/benefit allows for money to trump lives, that there are no social contracts, then we need loud voices to proclaim that sad reality.

I certainly don't agree with all the DRC's columnists' opinions, but I do consider their points and their world views because they are legitimate. The views of sensationalists and provocateurs need no support.

Donna Zelisko,