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Letters to the editor, November 19

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Frightening possibilities

Attorney General Session's paucity of memory in the face of questioning before the Unite States Congress reveals at least two frightening possibilities.

Sessions is at best mentally unfit to hold the office, or at worst, there are darker issues he does not wish to see the light of day.

John Zeigler, Denton

Rat in the woodpile

The Interstate 35E construction project is complete. Yippie! But wait a minute! What about that nasty strip of road from Mayhill Road to Loop 288/Lillian Miller Parkway?

You know, the one where the wonderfully smooth three lanes of highway in each direction suddenly become two lanes of original 1950s road and one rough narrow bridge over Loop 288.

Now I recall. That good ol' humongous gas station, nestled into the side of Unicorn Lake housing, is the rat in the woodpile. Thanks to our City Council, we get the reject from Corinth and all the congestion and environmental issues of 90 fueling stations on a frontage road that is already clogged with traffic. Now, add fuel trucks keeping the station in gasoline.

I thought Denton was seeking to become Austin Light, focusing on music, cramming bars and breweries around the Square, going green on energy, defying state laws on gas wells and illegals, etc.

The construction of this giant filling station has delayed the completion of I-35E reconstruction. Thanks a lot. Saturday's newspaper reports multiple crashes on this same section of road. Is there litigation in there somewhere on these crashes/injuries?

Alice Gore, Denton