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Letters to the editor, November 20

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Inconvenient truths

When even a Fox News reporter questions Trump's allegations about Hillary Clinton's role in the sale of uranium to Russia, you get a real sense that the entire story lacks any legitimacy. Apparently the dots just won't connect.

The sad fate of our country, however, lies in the fact that Trump would use the U.S. Department of Justice to attack his one-time political foe to distract the public from an investigation that ties him to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's apparent tampering with our 2016 election.

Trump has refused to show the American public his recent tax returns that could conceivably show he was dealing with Russian commercial interests far more than he has made public.

He fired former FBI Director James Comey to discourage any investigation of him and Russia.

Trump's lawyers threatened to stymie Robert Mueller's investigation recently if they pursued areas concerning any of the former TV reality star's business deals. These are the actions of man who has something to hide.

As for Hillary, it's been demonstrated that she wasn't personally involved in the sale of uranium to Russia. Nine agencies, including the State Department, approved the deal at the time. It was also investigated by GOP-controlled congressional committees in 2015.

We have a president who's a prolific liar and uses fear and intimidation to work his way around inconvenient truths. He makes a mockery of our justice system and, by default, the American people.

Larry Beck,

Shame on district

Name decided behind closed doors! The excuse? "Those discussions are primarily about what effect the name will have on students," Stout said. Are you kidding me?

What a poor excuse for circumventing what should have been a public discussion. One can only assume it was because DISD didn't want the hoopla that the Denton County commissioners had to endure for the past few months.

There are differences in these situations. The monument at the courthouse is, specifically, for Denton County residents who are not named on the monument and, in some cases, were conscripted, therefore not willing participants in that bloody war.

The school was named after an historical figure who chose to lead the South in its ill-fated rebellion.

The attorney's excuse is laughable and also insulting to the parents of those students the district claims to be so concerned about. Parents of minors should have gotten to have a say.

Years ago my children went to Robert E. Lee. Personally, I wouldn't have balked at a name change. I doubt if very many others would have, but they had a right to be heard in a public forum if they so chose.

Shame on the district for circumventing public rights. Taking away public rights in the guise of "it's for the children" is unforgivable and cowardly.

Danna Zoltner,