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Letters to the editor, November 21

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Behind closed doors

The school board and City Council talk about improving ethics in city government. They then sneak around behind closed doors to remove the name from one of the oldest schools in Denton. What gives them the right to do this? What about the thousands of us who attended this school? Shouldn't we get a say?

If this is any indication of an elected official's moral values, then that person should be removed from office. Shame on you and shame on us if we allow this to continue.

Ralph Priset,

Mental issues

What is wrong? A new shooter in California. Most of this is from the DRC in the Nov. 15 edition. Tehamia County Sheriff Phil Johnston said a shooter was facing charges for assaulting one of his neighbors and had a restraining order placed on him.

Sheriff Johnston said the restraining order set the man off on a rampage. How many times have we all seen a restraining order ignored and a crime bigger than the first one carried out?

The rest of the article is pointed at the fact the shooter was mentally unstable and had been most of his life. Part of his problem is said that the house next to his was making methamphetamine and he had been breathing the fumes. Yeah, sure. He had a violent temper and should not have had a gun. I agree.

How many mental contacts had he had with the police and those who treat the insane that could have taken him off the streets? Are we all going to have to get a mental test, then get a license that allows us to live a normal life?

James Penton,

Use numbers for schools

OK people. Who says schools have to be named after a person? Why not follow the process that many large cities with multiple schools do and use numbers? Public School 1, PS 2, PS 3, etc.

Yeah, I know it's not very glamorous and kinda boring and repetitive. That's my point. Nothing to argue over, just a number. As politically correct as you can get, generic and boring. And the school board wouldn't have to hide behind closed doors.

Maybe then people can focus on helping the kids who don't have lunch or a winter coat. Make a difference with action and not with empty words.

Cathy Allcorn,