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Letters to the editor, November 24

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Civil strife

Liz Weston wrote in the Nov. 19 DRC about the crippling fall in income and net worth of a very large portion of the country and the staggering increase in wealth of the top 10 percent.

As the Simon and Garfunkel song, "The Sound of Silence," says "... the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls. ..."

When these desperate people stop whispering in silence, we will hear them. By then it will be at the point of a pitchfork, club or worse, an automatic rifle.

Historically, civil strife always begins with attacking the police. Are we starting to see the results of years of degrading income and wealth and increasing despair?

The GOP tax plan is about to make it worse.

William Reed,

Fascist socialists

It's been a year since the people defeated Corrupt Hillary. Yes, it's time to celebrate President Trump, who is representing the working people!

Other good news: RINO Joe Straus out; Denton lowered its property tax rate; the market and employment are strong; illegal immigration has dropped by 67 percent under President Trump; and U.S. Immigration and Enforcement has also deported 2,798 people, including MS-13 and other violent illegal alien gang members.

Contrast this with President Obama, who released 19,723 illegal criminals on the American people, 208 of whom were convicted of murder and 900 of sex crimes. I think everyone was sick of that snake.

But now we see a leftist jihad has been declared on America with all the shootings of our innocent citizens.

On cue, Democratic politicians start demanding that law-abiding Americans give up the Second Amendment and our arms. A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the people.

The problem is not our constitutional amendments and rights, but that the Democrats have devolved into fascist socialists.

For our country to survive, real Americans better hold on to their God-given rights and dislodge all the dregs that are embedded in our media and educational system.

Eric Mach,